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Seismos Press is a unique - SaaS - technology platform for publishing content. After collaboration with authors and researching working processes of numerous book publishers, we know how much time and money it costs to edit publications to perfection, store them easily and distribute them globally. That’s history.
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The complete SOLUTION for any publiSHER AND AUTHOR

Seismos Press is your end-to-end partner, for enterprises as well as agencies, ministries and publishers, to enable your creative minds to focus on what truly matters: delivering and sharing –new and existing- compelling stories, that resonate with your audience. We help you reach your audience in just 1 click, whether you want to use our Editing tool to write (CREATE), sell your book in cooperation with our partner CLC Virtual, and / or third parties (PUBLISH), or to distribute your book through our global print network (STREAM).


Publish your books from your personal dashboard to numerous sales platforms in the world. Have your titles available in hundreds of physical bookstores in over 50 nations through our partner CLC Virtual, and / or through third party sales channels.


After creating a book, you don’t stop thinking of what you wrote, you get remarks and suggestions from your readers. Or, maybe developments  occur, that require modification of your text.

No worries! Thanks to your cloud-based storehouse it is very easy to make any change you want and to republish your book afresh.


Print for local cost or sell with ease globally. Distribute your content, order reprints of your titles to be delivered anywhere in the world, increase the reach to your audience on a local and global scale.

Make use of our Print on Demand Network and be involved in our Distribution Network. Distribution never was that easy!

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